Oversimplified Prohibition | History Teacher Breakdown & Reaction LIVE

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Oversimplified Prohibition | History Teacher Breakdown & Reaction LIVE Support Eddie Discord: https://discord.gg/eddie Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/t...

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Oversimplified Prohibition | History Teacher Breakdown & Reaction LIVE

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Welcome all, my goal is to create a community for people who feel unheard and alone. I am a teacher, historian, business owner, single dad, and many things but education is my driving force but not teaching people what to think but HOW to think for themselves.

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Yes, I know I look like Bert Kreischer
I speak Russian fluently but I was born and still live in Brooklyn, NY
I am not married and yes I have custody of my son Jakob
My history concentrations were in Race relations, womens studies, and western philosophy.
I deal with anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia
I am a pop culture sponge and my drive is the know everything about everything
My son is 10 years old

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